IAW 2017 Martin Lucas Trophy

 Martin Lucas Trophy 
U/A1stStephen Birney788PtsMartin Lucas Trophy 
U/A2ndBobby Wylde377Pts   
U/A3rdFionn Byrne348Pts   
U/A4thShaun Wylde247Pts   
U/A5thMichael Slattery237Pts   
U/A6thDavid Mullowney110Pts   
A7thLiz Blackmoore  Pts   
A8thHanna Blackmore  Pts   
A9thDenis Blackmore  Pts   
A10thSean Og Blackmore  Pts   
A11thEthan Dolan  Pts   
A12thSophia Dolan  Pts   
A13thLily May Carthy  Pts   
A14thJack Cleary  Pts   
A15thTom O’Looney  Pts   
A16thMatthew O’Looney  Pts   
A17thConor Cleary  Pts   

Anglers were divided into “Assisted” (A) and “Unassisted” (UA). Assisted were allowed to have a senior with them to cast and bait up etc. Unassisted were the more senior ones and they had to fish alone.            

  All fish were measured with no size limits and 10 points per cm was allocated to each fish.


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