Competition Rules for 2021

Competition Rules:

Competition Zones:


Zone “A”  peg numbers 1 to 24

Zone “B”  Peg numbers 25 to 70.

(For Anglers who may find it difficult to get to either of the above Zones we will include a small number of pegs in Arkeen which are easily accessible.)


Zone “A”  peg numbers 1 to 22

Zone “B”  peg numbers 23 to 70.


Prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place in each Zone

(except for International Angling Week – 1st only in each Zone)

(Juvenile prizes will be based on best overall).

Cup or Trophy where applicable will be awarded to Angler will the highest points irrespective of Zone


Wrasse will be included as an eligible species but only 2 wrasse per angler. 10 points will be awarded per wrasse irrespective of size. Therefore max 20 points per angler per competition.

Undersize Flatfish:

A maximum of 4 undersize (less than 250mm) flatfish will be allowed per angler per competition. 5 points per undersize flatfish will be awarded.

Therefore max 20 points per angler per competition.

All of the above apply to Senior Anglers. There are no changes to the rules for Juvenile Anglers.