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Fixture List and Fees 2022

Membership fee for 2022 –  €40.00 per Adult and €15.00 per                 juvenile.  Please note that only those who are 17yrs of age and under on 1st Jan 2022 qualify as juvenile.

 Competition entry fees for 2022 are €15.00 per adult and €5.00 per juvenile

Fixture list 2022

 Competition                         Date                      Venue                              Time

Bass Competition             April 9th           Fanore beach         3pm  – 7pm

 Members Comp               May 15th           Ballyreen               12pm – 4pm

 Jim Blackwell Mem        June 12th           Blackhead               1pm – 5pm

Ingle Memorial                    July 17th          Ballyreen                 1pm – 5pm

 INTERNATIONAL ANGLING WEEK   July 31st  – August 6th

 Tom Moloney           July  31st                  Ballyreen                  1pm – 6pm

Keith Scott                 August 1st               Arkeen                       3pm – 8pm

John Cullinan           August 3rd               Blackhead                 11am – 4pm

Martin Lucas(Juv)  August 4th                Fanore Beach            3pm – 5pm

O’Donohue Cup      August 5th                Ballyreen                     4pm – 9pm

 61st Annual Comp   August 8th            Blackhead                  1pm – 5pm

 R.N.L.I.                               Sept 10th               Ballyreen                 1pm – 5pm 

 Crowther Shield         Sept 11th                Blackhead                1pm – 5pm

 John Keane Mem        Oct 8             Lahinch Beach                11pm – 3pm

Fixture List and Fees 2021

FEES 2021

Membership fee for 2021 –  €40.00 per Adult and €15.00 per juvenile.  Please note that only those who are 17yrs of age and under on 1st Jan 2021 qualify as juvenile.

 Competition entry fees for 2021 are €15.00 per adult and €5.00 per juvenile

Fixture list 2021

 Competition                         Date                      Venue                              Time

 Members Comp               June 13th          Blackhead                1pm – 5pm

 Jim Blackwell Mem        July 11th            Ballyreen                   1pm – 5pm

 INTERNATIONAL ANGLING WEEK   August 1st  – August 7th

 Tom Moloney           August 1st              Ballyreen                  2pm – 7pm

Keith Scott                 August 2nd              Blackhead               11am – 4pm

John Cullinan           August 4th                Blackhead                 11am – 4pm

Martin Lucas(Juv)  August 5th                Fanore Beach         11am – 1pm

O’Donohue Cup      August 6th                Ballyreen                   12pm – 5pm

 60th Annual Comp   August 8th            Blackhead                     1pm – 5pm

 R.N.L.I.                               Sept 4th               Ballyreen                     1pm – 5pm 

 Crowther Shield         Sept 5th                Blackhead                     1pm – 5pm

 John Keane Mem        Oct 2nd             Lahinch Beach           12pm – 4pm

Club Officers 2022

President:                           William Hartley

Chairman:                           Joe Birney

Secretary:                          James Linnane

Treasurer:                          Cathal McCormack

Competition Secretary:             Tom Faley.

Committee:                                                                                                Linda Manton

                                    Bill Rothwell